Hank Classic Bikes - "Ace"

I was doing a little research on the shaft drive system, trying to figure if it’s best than the chain when… I discover this bike. I’m not a great fan of cruisers, they are elegant, but I don’t think it’s the best kind of bike for an every day use. Well… this one maybe is going to change my opinion!
Hawk Classic Bikes it’s a recent brand (on the market since 2002), and they classified themselves as “modern classics”, being inspired by the motorbikes from the twenties and thirties. I like the result! I love classic cars, old planes and of course, old motorbikes, an if you know how first Harleys and Indians look like; you can recognize de design of this bikes.
I never consider buying a cruiser… until now. The shape of this bike just caught me…
Am I crazy enough to buy it?

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  1. Well... I don t if you are crazy...because I am asking myself the exact same thing !!!! just wondeful bike...