Riding pants.. or Knickers or "Three Quarters"

I was looking for this kind of riding pants for a moment. Finally I found them. Produced by Bicycle Fixation in Los Angeles. Two models available: The Classic Wool Knickers (Top), made in 100% wool gabardine fabric, comes in Charcoal grey only, and the City Knickers, more “casual”, available in wool or hemp, comes in forest green or olive. Prices between $112 and $121. Also available the Over-the-Knee Knicker Socks, to go along with the pants…


  1. I love knickers! My profile picture on Flickr is from when I was little wearing a vest and knickers. I have a picture on the group wardrobe remix of myself in knicker recently-- one never gets too old for knickers!

  2. I paid a friend to hem my Cardharts into knickers!

  3. On my recent bicycle journey through Scotland, I was gently corrected after referencing the comfort of my Endura knickers.

    Knickers, I was informed, are what the British call a lady's underthings.

    Hereinafter, it was recommended I just call them "Three Quarters." As in 3/4-length trousers.

    My gaffe was forgiven, as all Scots know that Americans are somewhat strange.


  4. Thank you Jenkins... the title of the post was changed...
    Thanks for passing by.